The Plant Collection is currently CLOSED to visitors expect by appointment only.

The Growth Facilities are managed by Chief Horticulturalist Bill Cole and Horticulturalist Tom Gludovacz (Teaching Collection and Growth Facilities multimedia person). The greenhouse staff maintain the teaching plant collection and grow plant material used in course lectures and laboratory exercises. They also provide researchers with growth space and material, and have a wide range of knowledge and experience that they are happy to share.

Have Questions? Check out our Growth Facilities Handbook

Growth Facilities Protocol Handbook

Interested in working in the greenhouse?

We hire assistants twice a year through the Work Study Program. We encourage all those interested to apply through the program. We do not accept volunteer help at this time.

Glasshouse and Growth Chambers

The Growth Facilities at the Earth Sciences Centre include over 80 plant growth chambers and rooms, and provide excellent support for plant & some model systems (fruit flies, rotifers, damselflies…) research at the University of Toronto.

Contact Bill and Tom to request glasshouse space, change environmental settings and report pest problems.
Contact Bill and Tom for chamber requests, program changes or to report problems.

Teaching Plant Collection

The teaching plant collection, comprised of over 400 unique specimens of botanical and human interest. The collection is located in glasshouses on the 5th floor of ESC. The collection is used to supplement a wide range of departmental courses, and is instrumental in public outreach.

The collection houses are on the 5th floor of the North wing of the Earth Science Centre (Es 5001, 5003, 5007, 5009)
Take the stairs from 25 Willcocks St. or 33 Willcocks St. to the 5th floor. Elevator access from 33 Willcocks Street entrance.

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